Advocating Together (Dundee) SCIO is an Independent Advocacy Capacity Building Organisation which benefits people in Scotland with Learning Disabilities, and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and/or Complex Communication Needs. We defend and safeguard their human rights through Independent Advocacy - Professional, Collective and participating in Self-Advocacy groups - to have a stronger voice, access the most suitable information they need to make real choices and to have as much control as possible over their own lives. We may speak up for people who are unable to do so for themselves.

Advocating Together is the lead for the development of the Dundee Safe Place Initiative and the official organisation who works in partnership with Police Scotland for Dundee Keep Safe Places

We are also able support the Voluntary, Public and Private sector with Innovative and Dynamic Communication through our learning and innovation brand ‘Tutti’.

One of Advocating Togethers charitable purposes is the advancement of education through “Tutti”, our learning and innovation brand.

Tutti LED by Advocating Together will work across the sectors and use our expertise to develop a progressive culture of inclusion, striving to make Scotland and all of its great institutions as accessible as possible. We celebrate diversity and inclusion and strive to create an innovative and dynamic communication exchange where everyone’s voice is heard.

We can work with you to make your business more accessible to people with learning disabilities and/or complex communication needs and/or autistic spectrum disorders.

We can work with you to make your business more accessible.

Accredited training and time bound programmes for businesses and the general public to improve their communication and accessibility. 

An hourly communication and facilitation service, which will support professionals who wish to improve barriers to communication.

A service where we offer accessible design consultancy through service level agreements or contracts create inclusive spaces and design new communication tools.

Meet the team

We also have a team of 5 Advocators, 4 of which are on Permitted supported employment and 1 who volunteers. They are a fantastic team who make sure the voice of people with Learning disabilities and/or autism is heard and acted upon across Dundee and the country as a whole. We have a strong Governance and diverse board, which include our chairman Bill Roberston, Sandy Penman, Gemma Matthews, Murray Simpson, John MacMillan, Cathie Dyer, Kris Stevenson and Royce Barton. We are also supported by a great team of Volunteers who generously give up their time to make sure advocacy continues to grow and thrive in Dundee.

Our core team are supported by

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